AR Translations offers a variety of simultaneous, consecutive and whispering interpreting services in accordance with the needs of its clients, in particular conferences, congresses, and the like.

We provide highly qualified and experienced simultaneous interpreters to perform the service, taking into account the specific characteristics required by the client.

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Simultaneous Interpreting

(Simultaneous Interpreting at conferences or congresses)

Simultaneous Interpreting always requires a team of two conference interpreters, per language and per booth.
As a rule, each interpreter will interpret for approximately 30 minutes, and will then switch places with the other interpreter, and so on.

The interpreters sit in a soundproof simultaneous interpreting booth, listening to the speech through headphones.

The interpreters deliver the speaker's message through their microphone almost simultaneously.
The participants and audience have headphones of their own which allow them to hear the interpretation in the language of their choice, on a previously selected channel.

The focus of simultaneous interpreting lies in conveying the message between the speaker and the audience clearly, concisely and fluently, thus allowing natural communication without difficulties, with the interpreter playing a discrete role.

Consecutive interpreting

In consecutive interpreting, the interpreter stands next to the speaker.

In this type of interpreting, the interpreter listens to the speech for a few minutes, may take notes, and then interprets the part of the speech previously given.

This routine continues until the speech ends.

This type of interpreting is usually used in specific events, such as press conferences, work lunches, technical meetings, amongst others.

Whispering interpreting or chuchotage

In whispering interpreting or chuchotage, the interpreter listens to the speech and whispers it simultaneously in the ear of one or, at the most, two listeners.

Renting equipment for simultaneous interpreting

AR Translations has protocols with renowned audio-visual companies. 

As such, we are able to offer our clients turnkey solutions at highly competitive prices.