AR Translations is a company specialising in translation, interpreting and language teaching, operating both domestically and abroad.

The aim of AR Translations is to ensure translation, interpreting and teaching services of excellence, creating relationships based on trust and professionalism.

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In April 2017, all football spotlights were turned to Lisbon, more precisely to the 3rd edition of "The Future of Football" congress organised by Sporting Clube de Portugal. The congress gathered several prominent international football figures over two days, to discuss not only the problems facing football today, but also the future of this industry. The congress was sold out, with about 300 participants, including clubs, companies and other institutions, individual entities, such as scholars (teachers and students) and others interested in the phenomenon of football. Sporting Clube de Portugal, the event organiser, was proud to have AR Translations among its partners, which helped to turn it into a successful event. The partnership between the club and AR Translations consisted in providing simultaneous translation and bilateral or liaison interpreting in three languages (PT, EN and ES) for the entire audience (using headphones) with Sporting TV providing live coverage of the event. We congratulate the pro-active interpreters working at this event for providing their services without having had prior access to the speakers’ presentations. We hope to repeat this partnership with AR Translations in the next congress editions and in other future events organised by Sporting Clube de Portugal.

Dr. Angélica Ramos (AR Translations) has been working together with my law firm in the legal area as a translator of German documents. She performs this activity with due and proper quality and accuracy, exhibiting outstanding skills as well as legal knowledge.

When we first launched our internationalisation project targeted to the challenging German market, we have decided to make use of the services provided by AR Translations for the translation of all the documents. The work performed far exceeded our expectations. It was not just the professionalism, but also the willingness as regards customer care, the compliance with the deadlines and the helpful cooperation for the drawing up of the dossiers. The service delivered is the perfect illustration of a concept that is not confined to the mere translation. Even today, when we consider translations we obviously consider AR Translations.

Cerisol, Isoladores Cerâmicos, S.A., with headquarters at Rua Norton de Matos, 570, Serzedo – Vila Nova de Gaia, requested AR Translations the translation of documents and communications with German technicians belonging to the sector where the Company operates, and the follow-up of the technical visit made by those entities over a period of one week. The translation and interpretation services (Portuguese/German/Portuguese) have been very satisfactory and helpful concerning the relationship of technical cooperation we still keep with the relevant entities, always with the support provided by AR Translations, who has always been available and cooperative towards our requests placed in this regard, and we express our gratitude for that.

We have been working with AR Translations and we would like to highlight the professionalism, the quality of the services provided and the rigorous observance of the established deadlines.

The technical German translation services have been performed accordingly and in due time as requested.

I declare that the works requested to AR Translations have been performed promptly, accurately, and professionally within the building industry, which is our field of business.

We have been working with Mrs. Angélica Ramos (AR Translations). She helps us when we visit our suppliers, and translates our business and private correspondence into German and Portuguese. Even in difficult negotiations, she excels both at professional and personal level. AR Translations translates all our e-mail correspondence (queries and orders) with no mistakes. She is our link between the manufacturers in Portugal and the sales company in Switzerland. Without the support provided by AR Translations, the purchase of goods in Portugal would not have been possible. We will continue to rely on the good services delivered by AR Translations.

We are very happy with the translations performed by AR Translations.

We are pleased to work with Mrs. Angélica Ramos (AR Translations) because she works assertively in a cooperative and correct way. She always delivers concise and reliable translations. Whenever operational doubts are raised, she provides the due explanations. The cooperation with AR Translations became an integral and indispensable element of our activity in Portugal.