General Terms and Conditions

Any contact, request for a quote or awarding of a translation work presupposes knowledge and acceptance of these general conditions.

Requests for quotes
Hiring AR Translations to do a translation presupposes that the quote sent has been accepted. The quote is based on the number of words in the original document, the complexity of the document, and time involved.

If a translation needs to be certified, the original/certified copies/simple copies must be delivered to the AR Translations premises by any suitable means.

Delivery of work
AR Translations undertakes to deliver the work done within the time limit set in the quote, in the manner and format agreed, preferably by e-mail or signed for registered post (in the case of a certified translation), to which the cost thereof must be added.

Works requested are subject to the payment of 50% of the quoted amount when they are awarded, with the remaining amount being paid after the client receives the work.

Payments may be made by bank transfer or cash. The invoice will be sent by mail or e-mail.

The legal regime applicable to the online complaints book applies to any complaints concerning translations.

Translations done by AR Translations are carried out by translators with extensive experience in translation in a wide variety of areas of expertise, whose mother tongue is the language of translation.
Before being delivered to the client, the work is also revised by specialised proofreaders.

All the work done at AR Translations is covered by professional secrecy.